Sustainability is not a word it is a collective effort from the suppliers to the consumers to ensure a better and a cherishable world, for now, and the times to come. RESTORE has made its objective to promote recycling in the textile industry since this industry has a significant impact on the environment. Recycling and reusing textiles, fibers, and waste materials is an effective method to build sustainability in the apparel industry. 32% of the consumers look for “recycled” clothing, which indicates human’s natural instincts to take care of what’s important. Let’s re-consume, let’s RESTORE.

Restore “Premium”

“Premium” is one of our finest recycled products. Using Post Industrial and pre-consumer waste, we present to you a fiber that can replace cotton composition in yarn and fabric.

Recommended for up to 75 to 80% in open-end yarns and up to 35% for Ring Spinning technology, this is the ideal solution to reduce carbon footprint in Pakistan. Instead of using virgin cotton, we recycle the waste that hasn’t yet reached the customer to contribute to the global efforts towards protecting the environment.

Restore “Indigo”

“Indigo” is the pre-consumer or post-industrial waste manufactured by processing the denim which was supposed to reach you, but couldn’t due to various quality or waste aspects. By design, this belongs to the restore Premium family, but due to differences in technical specifications, it has a few limitations in terms of usage. The recommended percentage is 40 to 45% in open-end yarns, whereas 25 to 30% in ring spun. 

Restore “Blue”

“Blue” is a post-consumer product. Giving new life by recycling consumer goods that have been worn and used by you, we give back to the environment by saving on water and other cultivation costs to produce virgin cotton and other raw materials. For open-end yarns, up to 40% and for ring-spun up to 25 to 30% in the composition.

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