Yarn Dyeing

Yarn Dyeing

Sapphire Textiles Dyed Yarn Division is established in 2019 with a vision of innovation and value addition. As part of a large textile company, we stand to benefit from Sapphire’s other divisions in understanding and delivering a quality product. Getting here has taken years of dedication and hard work of the Sapphire team working towards excellence with faith and commitment.

Sapphire Textile Dyed Yarn Divisions

Sapphire Textiles Yarn Dyeing incorporates the latest technology in package dyeing equipment and investing in European engineered Thies GmbH Yarn dyeing machines and Swiss SSM AG precision winders. 

We have the capability of package dyeing not only cotton yarn, but cotton/spandex, polyester, aramid, viscose, acrylic, nylon, wool, rayon yarns, and yarns with blends of these fibers, with the capacity of about 225 tons of processed yarn per Month incorporates Reactive, VAT, Disperse, Acid and combination dyeing.

We have developed innovative procedures for the production of dyed yarns and are supplying Dyed/Bleach Yarns to customers in Europe, the USA, South America & Central Asia. Our customers are manufacturers of woven fabrics, knit fabrics, socks, and towels. With strong Backup support of Sapphire’s Spinning division, Sapphire Textile Yarn Dyeing can ensure a consistent and quality supply of processed Dyed/Bleach yarn to their worldwide customers.

Sapphire Thread

Sapphire Textiles Dyed Yarn Division has started sewing thread in 2020 as “Sapphire Threads” and producing Core Spun, Spun Polyester, Texturized Filament threads in 100% Polyester, and 100% Cotton and are supplying to various garments industries like Denim, Non-Denim, Work Wear, Knits, Home Textiles, Leather garments.


Sapphire textile is compliant with international quality, environmental social standards

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